Tips to Avoid a Potential a Blowout with Your Car Tires

If you take the time each week to proactively look for issues with your car tires, you are going to drastically reduce the chances of getting a blowout at high speeds.

Pay very close attention to the tire walls on the inside and outside of all four tires. Any serious cracks or bulges should be brought to the attention of the service center because they could fail at any time. If the tire tread appears to be separating off the tire, this is a serious defect and needs to be addressed immediately. The tread could come off at any time and leave the tire in prime position for a blowout.

Never assume that an obstruction in the tire can simply be removed and plugged. Bring the tire in to Brighton Ford to be removed and plugged or replaced. Schedule your car tire rotation appointment with Brighton Ford so we can give them a closer inspection.

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