Staying True to Oil

Without oil in your vehicle, the motor won't stay lubricated properly, which could result in severe issues that prevent you from driving. Take your vehicle to Brighton Ford to get the oil level checked and to ensure that the proper weight is added when the oil needs to be changed. One of the myths about oil is that it has to be changed right at 3,000 miles. While this is a suggestion, you can often drive a few hundred miles farther than this distance.

You've probably heard that darker oil means that there are waste products that are damaging your motor. This is wrong, and a darker oil means that it's keeping the dirt and sludge from the motor, which is what it's supposed to do in your car. Dark oil doesn't mean that you have to get it changed immediately.

When it's time to change your oil or you have concerns about the weight to use or what it should look like, then visit our service center in Brighton, CO. We will examine your vehicle and offer some tips about what to look for if you ever think that something is wrong in the future.

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