What Is Brake Fluid?

When you are driving you utilize your brakes to stop suddenly or more gradually, depending on the situation. Your braking system is a very intricate system and is part of your vehicle that should receive frequent attention and maintenance to ensure that everything is working properly and efficiently. Brake fluid is just part of this system and it is used to initiate the braking process. Also known as hydraulic fluid, brake fluid needs to be precise in order to make for proper breaking.

If you have a problem with your brake fluid, or hydraulic fluid, then you may notice a few things when you are driving and press down on your brakes. For example, when you press down if you feel that it is harder than normal to press down your pedal then this could be an issue. You could also feel something that resembles air bubbles. If you notice a problem with your brakes bring your vehicle in to our service center here at Brighton Ford.

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