Is Your Exhaust System Making Your Car Run Poorly?

A number of problems can make your car run badly. When your exhaust system isn't functioning properly, your car can lose power. You may find yourself driving up a hill and not be able to get enough power to increase your speed. A hole in your exhaust system could be the problem.

If you suspect an issue with your exhaust system, get your car inspected at our service center at Brighton Ford. We will look to see if there are any holes, and check filters to make sure nothing is blocked.

Without proper air flow through your exhaust system, your engine can't run at full power. Loud noises coming from your car mean that the muffler has a hole, and it's time to get the muffler replaced so that you aren't driving around an illegal car.

Keep your car well maintained by coming in for service at Brighton Ford and getting the service you need today.

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