Technology Features in the New Ford Fusion Energi

Why is the new Ford Fusion Energi the plug-in hybrid popular with more drivers?

The new Ford Fusion Energi uses radars and sensors to identify if another vehicle is in a blind spot around your car. If the Blind Spot Information System detects a vehicle, the corresponding side mirror on your vehicle flashes to warn you not to leave the safety of the lane until that other vehicle has moved on.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature in the Ford Fusion Energi was designed to protect the driver when moving in reverse, by spotting other vehicles in your path and flashing alerts to slow or stop. The sensors mounted behind the rear quarter panels can detect traffic several feet from the car moving your way.

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi is more than just these features, so stop on over to Brighton Ford now and you'll be able to test drive one to see for yourself.

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