Ford Ranger With Safety Tech Features Revolutionizing Brighton Ford's Lot

Tech and safety have been combined in various ways, and Ford wanted to see how they could do it, which is part of the reason you can now drive the Ford Ranger across Brighton, CO and feel at peace. The following tech safety features may encourage you to drive even more.


BLIS doesn't sound like anything, but you may learn to love it because it stands for the blind spot sensing system in the Ford Ranger. Switching lanes is now a bit easier with this truck because it will sense if a vehicle is in your blind spot. It is almost like driving with an overprotective parent, and that can be a good thing at times.

Auto High Beams

Your vehicle can sense when the environment you are driving is a little too dark. It knows your visibility is compromised and fixes it by automatically turning on your high beams. The headlights continue to sense your environment, and if it feels another vehicle is approaching, it dims the lights momentarily to keep everyone safe.

As you can see, taking a test drive in the Ford Ranger is taking a test drive in the evolution of safer vehicles.

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