2018 Ford F-350

2018 Ford F-350

One of the biggest, boldest trucks on the market, the 2018 Ford F-350 is now lighter and more maneuverable.

What's New for 2018?

After a complete overhaul for the 2017 year model, little has changed for 2018. The biggest update is the new Limited trim. This premium trim is the best money can buy and it shows. It boasts two-tone leather seats, microsuede headliner, ash-wood trim, and special badging on the inside. On the exterior, you'll find a specially designed grille, satin-finish tailgate trim, and unique badging. That distinctive look comes complete with bragging rights.

Why Buy the Ford F-350?

MotorTrend declared the Ford F-350 its Truck of the Year in 2017. What makes it so good? To state the obvious, the Ford F-350 is a work truck with best-in-class payload capacity that starts at 3,800 pounds and maxes out at 7,000 pounds. When the work is done, it plays hard too, towing up to 32,000 pounds. That's more than enough for the largest camping trailers, multi-horse trailers, and large boats. That's enough truck for the toughest customer.

But it's not as unwieldy as it might seem. It may surprise you, but the Ford F-350 drives like a smaller truck and it's lighter than it appears too. Thanks to its new variable-ratio steering system, the F-350 has better maneuverability and less hand-over-hand wheel-wrestling trying to get into tight parking spaces or making U-turns. On top of that, it's a lighter truck thanks to a Ford's decision to swap out some of its steel with aluminum. The steel has stayed where it counts--in the frame. You might never notice the aluminum unless you test out your refrigerator magnets on it. But you might notice a difference at the pump and in how it drives.

Which F-350 is Best?

The new Limited edition is certainly a tempting model, but with all the options it offers the price tag easily approaches $100,000. The Lariat trim is more within customers' price range and arguably gives you more dollar for dollar. If you want to grab that added maneuverability system, the package is an option for the Lariat. You also get a stiffer frame, LED lighting accents, a luxurious interior, and great tow ratings.

Are F-350s Gas or Diesel?

It's your choice! But the best engine option is probably the 6.7-liter Powerstroke turbodiesel V-8. When properly driven, the diesel engine gets better gas mileage. Just remember that slow acceleration and anticipating stops goes a long way to conserving gas on a truck this size. It's better on the highway than in a stop-and-go city street.